Be1Vision and Project Esperanza are proud to present the first ever photographic exhibition of photos taken by Batey community members and displayed in Puerta Plata and Munoz!

On Dec 10th, we will have the show opening at 2:00pm until 7pm at the Puerta Plata (12 de Julio, #38) location.

On Dec 13th at 10:00am until 2:00pm we will have the show in our Munoz location (in the La Grua batey in the community of Muñoz, 3 miles to the east of the city of Puerto Plata. Muñoz is located across the main highway from the resort complex Playa Dorada).

We would love to see you at either of our shows! If you can't make it, please consider buying a print from the online gallery, which will be available shortly and after the show. We will send you an email with a direct link. Please call us if you have questions about directions and we will be happy to help facilitate your travels!
Also, please pass this message on to any friends who may be interested. We are always looking to build our community here.

About Be1Vision: Be1 Vision |
Be1 Vision was created by photographer, Krystle Marcellus, to offer a range of communities a medium to tell their stories. The photography program is taught in a journalistic style. A ‘baptism by fire approach’ is used, letting students try on their own and then are guided through critiques of their photos, helping them to make a better aesthetic and tell their stories in a more complete way.

Be1 Vision operates with the help of donations of cameras and funds. They publish a blog at Be1 Vision | and are also showing printed work at various locations. Currently Be1 Vision is working on a 2-month project in Muñoz, Puerto Plata with the Haitian community.

“I like photography a lot because its very important, when I am shooting pictures I feel good…” –Student from Muñoz, Puerto Plata

About Project Esperanza: www
Project Esperanza is a non-profit organization that began as and remains a Virginia Tech student organization, but is also now a registered non-profit organization in both the United States and the Dominican Republic. Project Esperanza serves to connect the Blacksburg, Virginia community and the Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic community through service. Our programs are designed to work toward breaking the cycle of poverty present among the lower social classes in these two communities, as well as toward breaking the cycle of apathy present among the upper classes. The majority of our programs serve the Haitian population of Puerto Plata in the areas of education, social aid, and community development.

With Love,
The Project Esperanza Team & Be1Vision

Caitlin McHale
Director, Project Esperanza
Virginia Tech Alumna
tel: 809-970-7257
cell: 809-361-8193